Naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist Don Bislip provides experience, knowledge and sincerity to the care of each person. He is an attentive listener and acknowledges his patient’s concerns. Don Bislip helps everyone achieve their true health potential and improves the quality of their lives by recommending an accessible and effective treatment program.

A graduate from prestigious and highly acclaimed universities internationally recognized for outstanding academic credibility, Don acquired knowledge, experience, and profound understanding of science-based natural therapies that remove obstacles to health and simultaneously strengthen the self-healing mechanisms of the human body and mind.

He completed his clinical internship at one of the most renowned hospitals in the world to integrate conventional and traditional medicine, the WangJing Hospital in Beijing, China. During his internship Don has attended countless patients for various diseases and medical conditions, under the clinical supervision of prominent doctors experts in various fields of medicine.

With an extensive background in Naturopathic Medicine and Acupuncture Don has gained a unique insight and deep comprehension of health and well-being.

Don Bislip practices a person-oriented approach to health care, and he is well educated and knowledgeable in several accredited natural procedures. He is most passionate about acupuncture, phytotherapy, holistic nutrition, counseling and lifestyle coaching. He motivates everyone to take an active role in their personal health and offers thoughtful guidance on their journey towards optimal health and wellness.

Don Bislip is a licensed naturopathic physician and acupuncturist in Aruba, certified in Brazil, China, India, Netherlands, Spain, UK, and USA.